What you should know about vehicle shipping

For a lot of us moving a car means getting into a car and driving from your old home to new one. If you want to ship your car for long distance then auto transport would be the best option. Some people may need to ship cars, trucks, caravans, motorcycles, boats and other vehicles. In such a situation, professional assistance would be cost effective.

Find out a well qualified, licensed and bonded auto shipping company to ship your car. Find out a company that has certain years of experience in this industry. Shipping a car within your home country is reasonably straight forward, but shipping internationally can be more complicated, and require special attention. Make sure that international shipping company help you with documentation, fees, restrictions and regulation of your chosen destination country as well as ensure that your vehicle gets there in one piece, and on time.

Many companies use large vehicle transporters for standard-sized vehicles and your car may travel all over the country to deliver other loads before it reaches its destination. In some countries the transport truck will have to go through customs, weigh stations and check points. Also ask car shipping companies to give a fixed delivery date. Find out if auto Transport Company can provide you door to door service or should you go to the terminal to pick up your car. The transport vehicles are often too large to negotiate small residential streets. Different vehicle shipping companies provide different services like open transporters, enclosed vehicle shipping, terminal shipping or door to door shipping or international auto transport.

Choosing enclosed vehicle shipping can protect your vehicle from certain elements like sun, rain, water, snow etc. Your main aim should be safety and security of your vehicle. Before selecting auto transport company do check up if they would provide insurance cover for your vehicle. See to it that they provide insurance cover while your car is in transit so that if any incident happens you can claim compensation from them. Check out company’s terms and conditions before you hire them! Once you have selected your vehicle mover you have to prepare your vehicle. Almost all the vehicle shipping companies will check your vehicle for damages before loading it. They will write the current state of the vehicle in the bill of lading form and get it signed from you. Like this, before receiving your car check are there any damages in the car. Before transporting your vehicle, you need to wash your vehicle thoroughly.

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