Buying a forklift truck

Forklift trucks are highly useful for lifting heavy loads and equipment, they are used in just about every industry in one way or another. You may consider warehouses and storage facilities to be a major area where forklift trucks come into operation but, realistically, anywhere there is manufacturing or storage happening there is likely to be a requirement for a forklift. There are many, many variations of forklift with differences in lifting capacity, lift height, fuel type and main function. There are different forklift suppliers all over the coutry specialising in different types of forklift and different forklift manufacturers and these suppliers offer both new and used forklifts. For example a buyer looking for a used forklift in Bristol could easily get quotes from a number of different forklift suppliers.

Ranges of forklifts are changing regularly but many of the older forklifts can be reconditioned and bought at a much lower price. It is worth bearing in mind that some forklift dealers will throw in some free forklift driver training when you purchase a new or used forklift.

Reputable forklift truck suppliers will have specially trained sales professionals who can guide a potential buyer and can provide a clear insight regarding the technical specifications of the forklifts, matching them with the specific requirement of the buyer. For a novice buyer, it can be a little daunting looking through the myriad of available forklifts so it is often helpful to discus requirements with an experienced sales engineer. However, it is worth noting that not all dealers will quite as reputable as others and may be much more interested in making a sale than matching a forklift with a buyers needs, so due dilligence and research is recommended.

When buying a forklift try to get an idea of the level of service you will receive from the supplier, both during any sale and after you take delivery of the forklift. If your forklift comes with a warranty period, and it should, you should use the forklift as much as possible during this time to see if there are any problems cropping up that could be covered by the warranty.

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