Utility Trucks Must Pass 77-Point Inspection Before Being Purchased

I80 Equipment, www.i80equipment.com, is the # 1 company supplying reconditioned utility trucks.  They carry bucket trucks, boom trucks, digger derrick trucks, crane trucks, and many other heavy utility trucks for varying industries.

Reconditioning means taking a used truck and turning it to like new, and then selling them to you.  They have gotten their solid reputation in this industry by their strict standards of reconditioning and keeping the costs to their customers manageable.  I80 Equipment specializes in carrying completely reconditioned, used, like-new trucks.  They have almost 20 years of industry experience.  They have the reconditioning process down to a science.  They begin by taking the truck completely apart and removing the grease and power washing it fully.  The truck is then taken into the paint bay area and it gets a complete primer spray to offer more protection to the chassis and boxes.  It is then followed up with an industrialized paint spray.  It is heated to exactly 100 degrees Fahrenheit.  At this point the truck is put back together with new replacement parts and then a thorough waxing.  After all this, each and every truck, must pass a 77-point inspection, a mechanic sign off, and an external inspection and certification.

Once the truck has gone through this strict, rigorous process, they then turn their attention to making them available to the public.  They have a special manner with which they market their trucks.  They take pride in every step from purchasing the truck to reselling it.  They want the world to see what they have to offer so they make it much easier to get a complete picture of what you are looking at.  They have live video and pictures of all their boom trucks online at www.i80equipment.com.

They have started a new marketing strategy known as Truck of the Month.  This allows potential customers and existing customers to go on their website and see what the I80 staff is currently working on and finished.  They have also added an excellent feature known as “Just Say Find It!”  This is the place to go if you do not find the bucket truck you are looking for on their website.  They will assist you locating the truck that will fit your needs.  They pretty much guarantee they can find what you are looking for as they are willing to pay for the airplane ticket to get you to their showroom, no matter where you live.

I80 Equipment has been supplying industries such as Utility, Telephone, Tree Care, Light and Sign Companies for over 15 years.  You can see their wide ranging inventory, complete with full colour pictures, detailed descriptions, and a live video of each and every truck that is available.  They also have all the accessories that you could possibly need, including auger straps, augers, bucket liners, buckets, and winch ropes.  They carry many brands for you to choose from including Duralift, Altec, MTI, Lift All, Versalift, and Terex.  You will be given the total mileage on the truck you are looking along with the gross weight, fuel, transmission, and engine type right there on the website.

I80 Equipment has 50 trucks in stock or more at any given time, including bucket trucks, Altec bucket trucks, boom trucks, crane trucks, forestry trucks, and digger derrick trucks.  You can go to their website and sign up to receive emails from them regarding new trucks that are brought into inventory.  They are there to help you every step of the way.

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