Boom Truck and Bucket Truck Inspections and Maintenance is Vital to Safety

Digger Derrick operations can be considered dangerous, to prevent accidents, injuries or death, common sense and mechanical care needs to be maintained on a daily basis.

It is very important that utility trucks be operated by qualified experienced individuals only. These individuals must use care and be in totally physically and mentally sound. Be sure to fully understand the use of equipment before beginning operations. All staff members and personnel must be able to follow correct procedures in the event of an emergency.

Be sure that all inspections and maintenance have been completed before going into field.  It is also essential to never bypass any safety devices.

All staff members and personnel must wear safety gear, such as goggles, hard hat and gloves.  As well as steel toed shoes, protective uniforms and hearing devices may be required. When working with power lines it is a must to wear insulated gloves and sleeves to help prevent contact with poles and equipment.

Keeping the bucket truck, digger derrick truck, grapple truck or forestry truck free from debris, this could interfere with proper performance and interfere with safety precautions. Never operate controls while grounded, only perform these tasks while standing upon truck, unless a radio control is being used. But be sure then not to touch the truck!

The knowledge of weight capacity is vital when operating a digger derrick truck, never exceed the total capacity. Loading charts are posted in the truck near controls, they contain valuable information such as load radius, angles and degrees, zoning, rope capacity and elongation limits. Load charts are custom made for each specific utility truck.

Before going out into the field, be sure to check fluids and tire pressure. Look over the entire truck to be sure that there is no damages or leaks. The manufacturer will also include a lubrication chart. So, be sure to check hydraulic oils and fluids to proper level.  After doing this, also check to make sure all boom controls are in working order.

Become familiar with regulations and policies. The Utility truck must have DOT flares, triangles and fire extinguisher. Operators must always wear the seat belt while truck is in motion and use mirrors properly.

If unusual noises arise such as grinding or thumping, be sure to stop the truck immediately and call to have the problem diagnosed and repaired before taking off. Also, do not use the utility truck if there is an electrical storm.

These guidelines have been put in place by most businesses like I80 Equipment. They believe that applying rules and guidelines including inspections, charts and common knowledge. We all can prevent injuries and death. At I80 Equipment, you as a client, visitor or customer will be treated like a member of their family.

With guidelines such as the following, it may take time to become familiar with all of them.  Taking safety precautions and following rules can result in great days, everyday! I80 Equipment will fully explain and provide you with all the information you could possibly need to make your utility truck and operator a safe one.

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