Road haulage or Freight Transport Management

Road haulage transport companies deals mainly in freight transport and they responsible for the efficiency and safe running of a fleet of vehicles and for planning the routes and schedules of the drivers.
Those who work in road haulage (freight transport) plan for vehicles to travel as fully loaded as possible to avoid waste of fuel and wages. They need to ensure goods are correctly looked after on the journey so they arrive on time and in good condition. In passenger transport, managers have to plan carefully to make sure buses and coaches are available when passengers want to travel.
The duties of a haulage company include following:

  • making sure that the transportation of goods is carried out in accordance with UK and European Union (EU) law
  • complying with regulations governing vehicle safety, environmental controls on fuel emissions, driver hours, customs requirements and hygiene
  • estimating the number or quantities and types of goods, needing to be moved and planning transport schedules and timetables
  • using planning software to analyse the costs of scheduled journeys and keep them within budget
  • making sure that enough staff and vehicles are available to operate the services
  • checking that timetables and schedules are followed
  • inspecting and licensing vehicles and arranging regular servicing
  • managing difficult situations, such as bad weather, breakdowns, accidents, security alerts or traffic congestion
  • liaising with suppliers and customers and dealing with complaints
  • making sure that documents, such as consignment and delivery notes, are completed correctly

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