Be prepared for another Canadian snow season with winter tires

For all of us Canadians, one thing we can all agree on is that our winters are the reason Canada is known as the land of ice and snow. Canada receives a large amount of snow activity, hail, sleet and ice throughout the winter season. So how are Canadians getting ready for this time of year? By switching their all season tires for winter tires. Winter tires offer more traction and stability in icy conditions than their all-season counterparts.

There are more vehicles per person in Canada than any other country, and that means a very high number of cars on the road. This winter, be prepared. Purchase winter tires for a safer ride.

Tips when buying winter tires

Shopping for winter tires? Here are some things to look for when considering winter tires.

Keep it consistent: When buying winter tires it’s important to purchase all four of the same make of tire. Buying different winter tires for the same vehicle can affect your car’s performance and pose a risk to your safety. Make sure all four tires are the same make, size, tread pattern and type.

Snowflakes mean winter: When shopping for tires be sure to look for the snowflake symbol found on the tire’s sidewall. This symbol means that the particular tire is approved for winter driving and has met standard regulations.

Size up your tires beforehand: Before walking into the store, take a look at the size number(s) of your tire that’s printed on your existing tires. You can also check what your tire size is in your car manual.

Get winter tires before you see snow: All season tires can lose grip as the temperature gets lower and into the minuses. With winter tires, you’ll have the traction you need even if you’re on dry roads.

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