Rise in Truck Theft While Drivers Sleep

Theft is on the rise, an unfortunate yet predictable side-effect of the global recession. The freight industry is no different, with container security being stepped up to deal with an increase in truck theft. One of the most vulnerable times for truck security is when the driver is at rest. For long distance drivers sleep is unavoidable; for thieves it’s the perfect opportunity to simply, quickly and relatively quietly cut through the metal bolts which are often the truck’s only means of protection. It’s precisely this situation that inspired the invention of the new Zenloc Container Alarm (www.zenloc.com), the freight alarm that is helping to solve this growing problem.

In September of this year, more than 400 laptops were stolen from a truck that was parked up in a lay-by close to Junction 1 of the M6 near Rugby. The driver of the Hungarian-registered truck was asleep in his cab as thieves cut through a metal bolt to gain access to the container, the bolt being the only protection at the back of the truck, and indeed the most common type of protection currently in use. Seven pallets of expensive computer hardware were stolen, yet to be recovered. A spokesperson for Warwickshire Police described the incident as a “high-value theft”. This scenario is all too common, and until the advent of the Zenloc Container Alarm, practically unavoidable.

Inventor of the Zenloc and CEO of Zenloc Security Systems Limited, Barry Schofield, drew from years of experience as a security consultant to the haulage industry when he came up with the idea for the alarm. The Zenloc Container Alarm signals any attempted breach of security to the driver by means of a handheld receiver. This means that they can be asleep or indeed up to 300 metres away from their cab and still be made aware of an attempted break-in. Any attempt to remove the alarm also elicits a massively loud piercing tone and strobe lighting, likely to attract far more unwanted attention to the thief than the sound of a metal bolt being removed with bolt cutters.

The Zenloc is now available for rental, with Allport being the first major freight forwarder to trial this groundbreaking invention. All eyes are on this new alarm, given the far-reaching implications it promises for freight security.

For more information, visit www.zenloc.com.

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