What is a Crane Truck?

A <a target=”_blank” href=”http://www.i80equipment.com/crane-trucks.shtml”>crane truck</a> is very useful equipment in the work sector. Among many of its uses, a crane can be used to lift and move heavy objects that are difficult to move or control due to their shape. This piece of equipment (crane truck) is made up closely connected parts of that make it unique for the kind of work it is engaged in. in order to lift the heavy object a crane truck has a 600m long pole having several sections that are coordinated together for a successful job the height to lift a heavy object by a crane is determined by reinforced cables that the 600m pole.

The crane truck is able to work at any angle from the same position. This is made possible by the large gear positioned beneath the operators cab. With this gear, the crane truck can move within a circumference of three hundred and sixty degrees (360) on hydraulic motor on the cab movers this gear when the controller in the cab directs the foot paddle. Through a crane truck can be used in other places, they are  commonly found in construction , drilling for oil mining e.t.c. they can also be fond in  yards  with heavy machines that may need moving from one point to another.

One advantage in purchase of our crane truck is that the buyer can order them with their own specifications may be placed according to the size of the engine for the length of the 600m. Just like any other working equipment crane trucks used to be handled with a lot of care and construction one of the biggest accidents that can occur in working with a crane truck is electrocution. This can happen especially when working near overhead power lines in such a case, all the workers involved must do so with extreme caution. The operator alone will require the assistance of two other helps. One is known as the oiler who is normally in charge of the engine parts and other person is refereed to as signal man. The signal man job is to give hand signals to the operator as the lifts moves the objects to the required position or direction.

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