Pure LED 3rd brake light

Putco’s Pure LED 3rd brake light is brand new to the market and only available at Stylin’ Trucks, a 20-year leader in providing performance parts and accessories for trucks and SUVs.

Using the newest lighting technology, the exclusive i-on chrome coating applied to the interior lens creates greater reflectivity, while LEDs shine through for the brightest, most stunning look. When off, LEDs hide behind Putco’s patented Ion Chrome.

Unlike other LED accessories that require manual splicing of wires, Putco’s Pure LED Third Brake Lights use factory plugs for true plug-n-play installation.

Lens finishes include Clear, Smoke or the exclusive Ion Chrome.

Customers are already raving about this product. “I have the taillights and third brake light for my 2005 Nissan Frontier and it definitely set it apart from the rest. If you’re going to get a conversion light kit for your vehicle, these are definitely the set to purchase,” says one customer review.

Another reviewer echoes this sentiment saying, “Many people have asked me about this third brake light and I have only had it on for a few days. The i-on chrome is like a two way mirror so during the day you can’t really see the LED bulbs inside, but at night you can see them fine. Took 2 minutes to install.”

The decision to accessorize your truck or SUV with the hot look of LED truck accessories is certainly an easy one. For one, they last up to a million times longer than the same size incandescent bulb, and for another…I just made that up. Truth is, nobody knows exactly how much longer LEDs last than regular bulbs, but there are still LEDs in computers from the 70s that are happily blinking away with no ill effects.



Article Source:http://www.articlesbase.com/trucks-articles/pure-led-3rd-brake-light-1003202.html

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