Clear Corner Lens Buying Guide

1. You’re lucky that you just read that instead of heard it. Let me tell you; I’m a horrible singer.

2. I know that the words are wrong. See, I took poetic license and changed the words to serve my purpose.

Right know you’re wondering just what the heck I’m talking about. Well, I’m talking about turn signals, or more importantly, changing your stock yellow or amber turn signals to clear. Whether you choose to call them corner lenses, parking lamps, clear marker lights, or clear bumper lenses; they all mean the same thing. And they should all be clear.

A Matter of Style
Not only is it easy and inexpensive to switch to clear lenses, it’s also a great way to do a subtle change to your truck that makes people go “Did you do something to your truck? It looks different…”

Now that I’ve got you confused you’re about to ask me, “Is a small change like that even worth it?” Yes. Every modification you make, no matter how small, contributes to your truck’s overall appearance.

Take a look at the 1995 GMC Sierra in Fig 1. It’s a nice looking truck and there are millions just like it on the road right now. This baby has a long way to go to being a custom truck. But, one of the first truck accessories you can add is clear lenses.

1. A bone stock truck with bone stock turn signals. There are millions of these on the road.

If you take a look at Fig 2, it shows what this type of truck looks like with clear corner lenses and parking lenses. Isn’t it nice how the turn signals match the headlight? It is little details like this that make a nice truck into a really nice truck.

2. This custom GMC Sierra has Clear Corner Lenses and Clear Parking Lamps.

Style Options
I’ve been using the term Clear Corner Lenses or Clear Parking Lamps pretty loosely. We call them all “Clear” but there are actually a few different options.

Clear: These are actually the least clear of the options. They usually feature a white-looking “frosted” glass – kind of like a white bicycle reflector (Fig 3.)

3. These are examples of “Clear” corner lamps for various vehicles. Notice the resemblance to a white bicycle reflector?

Euro Clear: Instead of “frosted” glass, we have clear glass on the outside. You can clearly see the chrome inside and any bulbs that are installed (Fig 4.)

4. Examples of Euro Clear lenses. Notice how you can see through the glass and into the lens. If these were on a truck, you would be able to see the bulbs inside.

Diamond Clear: These also have a clear glass, but on the inside there is a diamond cut pattern in the chrome. This can help give your turn signals a brilliant shine when flashing (Fig 5.)

5. Some examples of Diamond Clear lenses. Still clear, but with a diamond cut pattern on the inside.

Other: There are a few manufacturers on the market that offer something a little different. We’ve got some with flames on them, some that stick out like 3D, and some that are smoked (Fig 6.)
6. Some other options for turn signals. Top: Clear w/ Flames Middle: Black Bottom: 3D Titanium

Advice for the Road
Take what you’ve learned here and use it for good, not evil. Use this knowledge to better your vehicle and the vehicles of your friends. If I’m walking through the supermarket parking lot and I see a truck with clear lenses, I walk over and give the owner a compliment. They’re happy to get the compliment and really happy that I even noticed their turn signals. You try it some time…

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