How To Buy A Good Chainsaw Online

There are many types sizes and brands of chainsaws that you can find in the market today. It is an important tool for a farmer, forestry, carpenter, homeowners and those who are in landscaping business. It comes in different types and sizes. If you are searching for a chainsaw online and planning to buy one for your needs, this article will provide some tips to buy a chainsaw online.

Buying online is obvioulsy different as you dont have the product in front of you. You cant touch and feel the weight of the item. Therefore, when buying online check out all the specifications provided such as the chainsaw engine size, bar length, weight, what sort of fuel it requires and warranty to name a few.

There are chainsaws that have the same features but the prices may vary considerably. Scrutinize the range of chainsaws carefully to get what you really need. Brand is also important to consider since some manufacturers have proven the quality and durability of their product. It is better to buy chainsaw made by trusted manufacturers.

Try to examine your needs. Who will use the chainsaw and for what purposes? Are you going to use it for cutting big lumber or smaller ones? There are different designs and specifications so it is important to choose the one you need to avoid shipping back the product at additional expense.

Read users comments and reviews. It is a crucial way to find feedback about the different chainsaws. And is one of the best features of buying online. Below is an example of a quality chainsaw review that you should look for, giving chainsaw features and user reviews.

Earthwise CS30016 chainsaw review

For more effective cutting safety and comfort, the chain should be tensioned properly. Earthwise CS30016 allows you to turn up the tension using a simple adjustment knob with no need for more complicated tools to do the job. Earthwise CS30016 is an electric chainsaw with a 12-amp motor and chain.


Includes an automatic oiling feature to ensure supply of enough oil for the engine, bar, and chain.
16 inch bar and chain
Tool-less chain tensioning
A convenient oil window to monitor oil level
With rubber over-molded handles to provide comfort during operation.

Product review and comments:

Earthwise CS30016 is the most powerful 16-inch chainsaw according to Larry Dee with an excellent power, quiet operation, and lightness convenient enough to take up in a tree. The customer service from the manufacturer was also great.

Rated 5 stars

It was light enough even for a woman like Linda J. Lambert. At first, she was skeptical about her using it, the kickbacks and all of those. But she was able to handle it comfortably with great cutting power.

Rated 5 stars

Its pleasurable to use for someone who doesnt have enough strength for a gas chainsaw. A buyer from Beacon, USA stated satisfactorily of an effective cutting power with a light weight. Startup was also a breeze.

Rated 5 stars
Tim Grady had owned a lot of chainsaws and according to him, this was the worst. After a five-minute use the chain jumped off the bar. It was difficult to put it back and tighten.

Rated 1 star

Upon receiving the product, the hand tension was not attached. One reviewer was disappointed he couldnt put it back. He was never able to use it.

Rated 1 star

The saw worked almost as great as a gas chainsaw after cutting through a 30 diameter log according to Dave L. Its a great saw for him.

Rated 5 stars

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