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?Diesel Trucks – How Far They Have Come
Diesel trucks have evolved significantly ever since they were first introduced.
Not only have their looks and popularity improved but also its performance.
When the diesel truck was first conceived more than half a century ago, its
main function was as a transport vehicle to carry heavy cargo between distant
destinations. The diesel engine was very popular because of its efficiency and
was very rewarding on long distance trips. Decades later, the main purpose of
diesel trucks remain but with many new functions.
The aesthetic value of diesel trucks, like any other vehicle has greatly
increased over time. Nevertheless, the most significant development in diesel
trucks is its performance.
Although diesel engines were made with the purpose to be more efficient in
being utility vehicles than their more powerful petrol counterparts, they do
not meet the demands of today’s market. Nowadays, people want even more power from their already
high-capacity common-rail diesel engines and even add turbochargers for an
extra boost of power.
An abundance in high-performance diesel trucks has resulted in them dominating
off road activities that used to be conquered by SUVs. There is even a category
for diesel trucks in the distinguished Dakar Rally which is a clear indicator
of how much diesel trucks have developed.
The drastic increase in the performance of diesel trucks has also caused them
to be an object of obsession for many automobile enthusiasts. Today, trucks
like the Dodge Ram sell so well not because of their outstanding capability as
a utility vehicle but because of their ridiculous high-capacity engines that
portray the American muscle image.
Buying diesel trucks has now become a rather controversial issue because of
their gas-guzzling engines and exorbitantly high emissions. If people only
purchased diesel trucks for their primary purpose which is to carry heavy
loads, this issue wouldn’t be undergoing such intense criticism.
Nevertheless, we still must give credit to diesel trucks for how much they have
developed over the years. Although their purpose has somewhat evolved
negatively, under the metal and plastic, it is still the same vehicle it was
when it first rolled out of automobile factories. Therefore, we can anticipate
a long journey ahead for diesel trucks as they continue to develop at such a
rapid pace.

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