A Simple Way To Run A More Efficient Fleet.

Running a fleet is more complex and challenging than many people realise. Some organisations run huge fleets of vehicles. At huge expense. If there are inefficiencies in the way the fleet is run or managed then this represents massive additional expense. Not just in financial terms, but also in terms of the additional time it takes to manage this part of the business. With fuel costs soaring, such inefficiencies can make or break an organisation.

Which is why it’s so mind boggling that so many companies have yet to adopt fuel cards. These schemes are ideal for controlling fleet costs and expenses. They are easy to administrate for starters. No individual expenses claims and mountains of receipts to wade through. Fuel cards enable organisations to get discounted fuel and they are also a key ally in cracking down on fraud and over claiming.

If your company has still yet to adopt the fleet card, then what are you waiting for? These schemes are easy to run and can usher in huge savings. A fleet card is registered to an individual vehicle and can only used to pay for petrol or diesel for this car or truck. You can get caps on the amount that can be purchased and even authorise the purchase of meals and snacks for drivers out on the road.

Say goodbye to the bad old days of manual expense claims. Now this process eats up time. Time that can be better spent elsewhere. Any fleet needs to be making efficiency savings right now and this is the perfect place to start. In no time at all you can be running a leaner, meaner fleet that is so much easier to track and manage. So if you’ve had enough of the old way of doing things or your scratching your head as to how to trim the fleet budget, then this is the perfect solution.

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