Combating the Recession with LGV Training

With layoffs happening all over the globe, it appears that secure jobs are getting scarcer everyday. However, despite the hard times, it appears that there are simply those jobs that continue to be in demand. One of them is LGV driving. LGV or Large Goods Vehicle is an alternative name for HGV (Heavy Goods Vehicle), referring to lorries with allowable masses that run up to 3.5 tonnes.

The vacancies for these drivers are at par with the number of layoffs in other industries. While companies in other industries continue to add thousands of employees to the ever mounting pile of jobless individuals, vacancies for these drivers on the other hand have risen to 80,000 heads in UK alone.

If the shortage continues, UK businesses are estimated to lose up to £1 billion. With very few drivers to deliver their goods, wastage in these companies have kept piling up. This does not bode well for those organizations already reeling from the impact of the financial crisis. As such, businesses are spicing up the perks and salaries for LGV drivers. Weekly take home pays ranging from £420 to £600 are already very common.

That said, landing on an LGV driving job can lead to one of the most rewarding careers for anybody willing to divert his path into that direction. This lucrative job is backed by bonuses, company perks, and flexible schedules. It won’t come as a surprise if throngs of jobless individuals eventually find their way to these opportunities. It is therefore important to be at least one step ahead of the rest.

The key to getting ahead of the crowd and to stand out when it does catch up with you is to sign up for a reliable LGV training course that can get you started off your path in a short period of time. There are short training courses that have succeeded in packing all the necessary lectures and discussions to give you a solid background for this field in a quick but systematized manner.

Only those with highly experienced instructors can give you a detailed and accurate training that will prepare you for practical exams and interviews. It is therefore important to make sure that, whichever training program you sign-up for, they have qualified instructors who have really been professional drivers themselves. There are just certain scenarios that can only be discussed and tackled correctly by those who have actually experienced them. These instructors can serve as an unlimited reservoir of tips to get you past the exams, through the interviews, and up your ladder of success.

There are some LGV training companies that don’t end their services with the course. These reputable organizations see to it that you really land on a driving job and prosper while you’re there. It would prudent to look for these types of companies. Highly established ones are widely spread throughout the country so it would be easy to communicate with them near your current location.

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