UnderCover Tonneau Cover Product Benefits

In the world of tonneau covers there have been a lot of questions raised. Not only are there various brands, but you also have a whole category of styles to choose from. The UnderCover Tonneau Cover has quickly risen to be considered the new standard in tonneau covers, but why?

What makes the UnderCover tonneau cover any better than buying a fiberglass lid, or even a soft lid. What are the benefits? What is the comparison?

These are the exact questions that I hope to cover, and my aim is to reveal the secret behind whether you should, or should not buy a tonneau cover from UnderCover.

First let’s start with the weight. The last thing you want to do is load down your truck with any amount of unnecessary weight, because this does have the potential to increase gas mileage.

Although the UnderCover tonneau is a hard cover, it weighs in at approximately 58lbs. for a full size truck. This is definitely a lot lighter than fiberglass lids, but the added weight of the cover is an area the soft lid has the tonneau cover beat.

Even though fiberglass lids are heavier, they do not offer the durability, toughness, or the impact resistance of the UnderCover tonneau. This is where the soft lid, although lighter, doesn’t stand a chance as well.

What about the ease of installation? The UnderCover offers a standard, no drill, concealed clamp installation system, but with the soft lid you don’t get so lucky.

UnderCover’s installation makes the tonneau cover a very easy on/easy off design, and this also means you never have to worry about permanent modifications or damage caused by drilling.

The entire system is designed around heavy duty, steel, powder coated frame rails which offer you the maximum strength out of the three covers.

So far the UnderCover tonneau is the only option that is custom year/make/model specific, and this insures that you get the absolute best look and fit for the price.

Both the UnderCover, and the fiberglass lid, has hydraulically actuated struts for easy opening and closing. This means you don’t have to be put through an unnecessary hassle every time you want to use your truck bed.

You can paint both the fiberglass lid and the UnderCover tonneau, but it’s probably not a good idea to try and paint the soft lid.

Not only is the UnderCover tonneau weather tight, it’s the only one out of the three that can easily be recycled making it very environmentally friendly.

I believe with the information provided in this review, you now have a solid foundation established to make the best decision on which cover is best for you and your truck.

If you are looking online for the best deal on an UnderCover Tonneau Cover don’t do a single thing until you read our full review. It may surprise you to see what we say about UnderCover Tonneau Covers.

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