Car Reviews and Ratings on the 2010 Jeep

It was weird, when I first got my Jeep, other Jeep drivers would sometimes honk at me and wave. I always wondered what the heck they were doing. Well, apparently owning a Jeep is like being in a huge club. It does not seem to happen anymore much, but it was really weird.

Jeeps are very useful vehicles. They were built in the 1940’s for the US military and have now become a part of American society with 7 different models. Here is a list of the different Jeep gas mileage trim levels:

Chrysler’s 2010 Commander

There are two types of engine options for 2010: the V6 gets 15/20 and the V8 is rated at 13/19 and that includes a system that shuts down 4 cylinders when it can to get you better fuel efficiency.

The 2010 Jeep Compass

5 speed MT rates 23 city and 28 on the freeway 5 speed Automatic Transmission gets 21/25

Chrysler’s 2010 Jeep Grand Cherokee

If you want the big, powerful HEMI Grand Cherokee, you will have a 8 cylinder that is going to get you a 11/16 EPA rating. There is a V8 that has MDS or the Multi-Dispalcement System that shuts down cylinders when you do not actually need them. This model will get you a little bit better 13/19 rating. The V6 gets a respectable 16/21.

Chrysler’s 2010 Jeep Liberty

The EPA rates the Jeep Liberty’s only engine option at 16 city and 22 highway.

Chrysler’s 2010 Jeep Patriot

2L Engine 23/27 5 speed MT 23/28 5 speed AT 21/25

The 2010 Chrysler Jeep Wrangler

V6 5 speed MT 15/19 V6 5 speed AT 15/19

2010 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited

V6 automatic and manual both rate 15/20.

I want the best gas mileage from my Jeep. What do I do?

a) Chose 2WD or don’t run the Jeep in 4wd when it’s not necessary

b) A 4cylinder is going to get better fuel economy than a V6 and both will do better than a V8. Unless you need the power for towing or something like that, stick with the smaller engine if you are worried about fuel economy.

c) Don’t run the air conditioning if you can help it

Jeep’s are fun, useful vehicles. Whether you just like the way they look or you need one out of necessity, they have always been a favorite in the USA. But, there are vehicles that get better gas mileage.

Bill has a lot more free information at his Car Reviews and Ratings site. It is awesome, it is all free and details things like the Toyota Camry hybrid gas mileage.

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