Air Brake problems- N More?

Most heavy-duty trucks use dual air brake systems for safety. and stopping A dual air brake system has two separate air brake systems, which use a single set of brake controls. Each system has its own air tanks, hoses, lines, etc. One system typically operates the regular brakes on the rear axle or axles. The other system operates the regular brakes on the front axle (and possibly one rear axle). Both systems supply air to the trailer (if there is one). The first system is named the “primary” system. The other is named the “secondary” system. .Before driving a vehicle with a dual air system, allow time for the air compressor to build up a minimum of 95-100 psi pressure in both the primary and secondary systems. Watch the primary and secondary air pressure gauges (or needles, if the system has two needles in one gauge). Pay attention to the low air pressure warning light and buzzer. The warning light and buzzer should shut off when air pressure in both systems rises to a value set by the manufacturer. This value must be greater than 60 psi.

The warning light and buzzer should come on before the air pressure drops below 60 psi in either system. If this happens while driving, you should stop right away and safely park the vehicle. If one air system is very low on pressure, either the front or the rear brakes will not be operating fully. This means it will take you longer to stop. Bring the vehicle to a safe stop, and have the air brakes system inspected and repaired

To some this, up the various brake components in an air brake system work together to create and maintain a supply of compressed air, direct and control the flow of that air and to transform air pressure energy into mechanical braking force.

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