What Is the Best Oil Additive for My Car

?What Is the Best Oil Additive for My Car?

Is there such a thing as the best oil additive? Yes.

I’ll show you my way of proving which I think is best – and you can duplicate my findings under the same conditions. In fact, thousands of mechanics “”fix cars”” doing so – I””m a mechanic. Me and others have been taught to use additives – much like a doctor uses medicine to help cure an ailment you might have. Only we use proven, repeatable, problem-solving additive products. These are made to help specific problems all vehicles and mechanical things experience over time. And, this point about your oil…

You may feel your oil seems to be doing a good job. In fact most people with new cars do timely oil changes. They feel it protects the integrity of their new vehicle – and is well worth it. Since the car runs find, it seems the oil has all the additives your car needs. Maybe not! Here is why I say that.

When new, your cars, trucks and equipment internal parts are clean smooth, and slide easily.

That is when they produce top power, and have the best zip and performance. Over time, friction, acids, abrasion, and oil-breakdown changes those parts from clean, smooth, easy sliding to sticky, rough, and power robbing. Then, down the road, in 5 or 6 years or so, when the newness wears off, and you have other worries on your mind, you slack-off on regular oil changes. Not much later, a performance problem appears. A tune up and injector cleaning may not revive or restore its former performance – if weak or wrong additives were used.

Actually, you can run oil twice as long in a newer car with no harm, than you can in a dirty motor or transmission. That is my point! Specific additives are made for to help new and older vehicles.

Consider 3 reasons why specific additives I favor, will help your vehicles run better, longer; new and older.

As internal moving parts touch – when new, some engines or transmissions parts never break-in. In that case, if it wears out a piston or gear or whatever, your new car warranty fixes it.

If much after the warranty period – you’re stuck with the repair bill. I know! I worked in Ford and Chevy dealerships – and did such warranty work, and after-warranty work – when it shouldn’t have been.

An additive, containing “”friction modifiers”” that both reduce wear and friction – a condition called metal migration, can prevent such failures – that oil cannot.

I also know of at least two car makers who have decided to add the additive products I referring too, to new engines on the assembly line – on occasion, to end, and avoid that happening during the warranty period. And my web site tells you what they are so you can use them, too. To prevent such problems.
When you do city stop and go driving, it produces more surface-to-surface abrasion to your cars internal pistons, valves and gears compared to equipment that run continuous, like vehicles that mostly do long distance driving. One reason why diesel trucks are running at truck stops all night. I favor buying a newer vehicle with Hi-mileage over a low mileage, older car or tuck for that reason.

City driven cars crud up the car much quicker, have more metal-to-metal friction contact. This robs them of full power and shortens their life – as you may well know. Specific additives resolve that problem. Those containing special cleaners, those that also contain friction modifiers. Those are what works to end valve tap, loss of power, smoking, and such conditions that develop…

5 minutes later, such city-driven vehicles will suddenly end their valve tap, oil burning, loss of power, and run as if they had a bigger motor! Common praise I hear from customers, who use the additive products I recommend, verify their real need.
Leaks, blow-by, oil burning, valve tap, loss of power, Hi-emissions, carbon-knock, and even the putting-off of overhaul – to older, worn, but otherwise, sound-running vehicles, are all wear and tear ailments today’s new breed of additives end for the car or truck owner.

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