Vehicle Transport to and from Alabama

When talking about the state of Alabama, the civilization, climatic condition, education, churches, religion and culture comes into the minds of people. The state Alabama is located in the southern region of United States of America. It is bounded by Tennessee to the north, Georgia to the east, Florida and Gulf of Mexico to the south and Mississippi to the west. The unofficial name among people for Alabama is yellowhammer state and the popular name for the state is “Heart of Dixie”.

Alabama’s capital city is Montgomery with largest city of Birmingham and largest metro area of greater Birmingham area. Birmingham yields the fame of largest city in US state of Alabama with the nickname of “The Magic City”. There are five major interstate roads in Alabama that cross through the state towards Atlanta, Georgia and other states of America. The climatic condition remains to be temperate during hot summer and mild rainy during winter season. This is one of the important reasons the tourist number is getting increased every year in Alabama.

The interesting places to be visited in Alabama is wheeler lake on Tennessee river, R.L Harris reservoir on Tallapoosa river, the united states army chemical corps museum in fort McClellan, first electric trolley streetcars and Anniston museum of natural history. It is the only state which comes up with all major natural resources needed to make iron and steel.

The famous churches in Alabama are First Presbyterian Church, St. Patrick and All Saints church. The students of the state find their future at the University of Alabama. The University of Alabama initiates ingenuity in education, distinction in academics, discovers revolutionary in medicine with proficient faculty, renowned research and campus tour. Vehicle transport to and from Alabama is offered excellently to meet the desires of the people of Alabama.

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