Super Duty- FORD The Better Or FORD The Worst

?Super Duty: FORD The Better Or FORD The Worst?

Ford Motor Co. has earlier unveiled its all-new lineup F-Series Super Duty truck lineup which includes 2008 F-450. The latest lineup will be couple with the biggest pickup production ever made by the automaker.

Early next year, Ford’s redesigned version of huge pickup vehicles will be having their debut. To add extra charisma to Ford Super Duty trucks, the automaker has added towing capacity, refined suspension, innovative tailgate, 6.4-liter diesel engine and other exceptional features.

Some analysts expressed their impression about the debut of the latest Ford trucks. Erich Merkle, an analyst with IRN Inc. noted, “”The Super Duty is incredibly important for Ford because, not only does it represent some pretty serious volume for them, (but) it’s also quite profitable. Of course, these days, every launch is critical for Ford.””

On one side, some analysts have noted their concerns regarding the risk of economic environment for selling commercial trucks. Others are also saying that Ford is only left with little choices so the automaker opted to upgrade Super Duty trucks to bring back its footing in the market.

Ford Super Duty has outsold other heavy-duty trucks. From the year 2000 to 2005, Ford has sold about 750,000 heavy-duty pickup trucks. Further, the sales of Super Duty accounts for 40 percent of the overall F-Series sales.

Pete Reyes, chief engineer of the Super Duty line said, “”The biggest challenge with the 450 was making it a legitimate pickup. The challenge with a pickup is providing excellent ride, excellent handling and excellent stability — both empty and fully loaded. It’s tough luxury.””

General Motors, Ford’s rival, is also releasing new models of heavy-duty pickup trucks. Hence, to make a good competition, Ford is releasing its mighty F-450. It can be recalled that Ford F-350 Super Duty pickup parts have already established its standing. As a fact, F-350 was given a best-in-class payload and weight ratings. To boost further what F-350 has achieved, the automaker is giving F-450 a towing capacity in excess of 24,000 pounds and a payload capacity in excess of 6,000 pounds

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