Some Most In-demand Poi Downloads For Your Gps Unit

No matter which of the GPS units you may own, there are a number of sites where you can get GPS point of interest poi downloads. Here are some of the top GPS points of interest download locations to do so.

There are numbers of GPS unit manufacturers which offer GPS point of interest (POI) free downloads from their respective websites or GPS community user groups. GPS users can also submit point of interest uploads to manufacturer data bases to keep information current and the data base growing. These GPS unit manufacturers offer free GPS user groups and communities online where owners can get free POI downloads for the unit of their choice.GPS points of interest cover an extensive range of locations, businesses, structures and installations worldwide. A sampling of whats available in these useful GPS point of interest free download categories covers the following:

Road Safety Speed camera locations, toll plazas, red light cameras, accident black spots, mobile speed traps, school speed zones, fixed speed cameras and seasonal road hazards are covered under this GPS point of interest download category.Shopping. Shopping centers and major chain stores are pin-pointed worldwide.Accommodations Hotels, lodges, inns and campgrounds are provided in this category by country location.Petrol, Gas Stations and Refueling Stops Not only gas stations, but also truck stops, travel centers, gasohol and diesel centers are available worldwide.Wi-Fi Hotspots Free wireless internet access at public locations like RV parks, campgrounds, schools and shopping centers are listed by country.

Tourist locations Zoos, museums, national and state parks, wineries, breweries, roadside attractions, vineyards, casinos and nightlife are but a few of the location offerings under this point of interest category.Recreation Need to find a Golf course, velodrome, fitness center, bowling alley, ski center, skating rink, a football, rugby, soccer or other sports facility? Then get a free POI download in this category.Money Coverage in this category is of banks, currency exchange locations and automatic teller machines (ATMs).Education Locates universities, libraries, schools and institutions of higher learning.Computers In this category youll find computer stores, maintenance and repair facilities, and electronics stores.

Society Locations for social and religious sites including churches, cathedrals, synagogues, mosques, Mormon temples and kingdom halls of Jehovahs Witnesses worldwide.The above given major poi downloads locations will definitely enable your GPS unit to offer a lot for you.

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