Saving Fuel For Car and Truck

?Saving Fuel For Car and Truck

There is a nineteenth century technology that has been dusted off and brought up into our present time. This technology improves the gasoline engine which only uses twenty-five percent of the gasoline supply to the engine. The rest is thrown out the tailpipe as waste. This simple, efficient and economical system uses your existing motor to make HHO from a water bottle, improving your gas mileage. As we all know, water is FREE! The engine of your automobile as it drives sends electrical current into the water by electrolysizing it. The HHO gas developed by electrolysis goes into the same chamber as the gas, breaking the gas molecules into smalller particles, thus you get a more complete burning of the gas which improves your gas mileage. Examples of car performances:

*Tom Lang of California got 41% improvement on his gas mileage for his existing car.

*Bill Lang, his brother, averaged 35% improvement on twelve different cars in Clearwater, FL.

*A 1999 diesel 18-wheeler truck had a 25% increased fuel efficiency.

*Ozzie Freedom’s 1999 Toyota Corolla gained a doubling fuel effect by getting 61 MPG!

Besides a great fuel-saving device, this system will eliminate a great deal of pollution coming from your vehicles’ tailpipe. Mechanics will tell you this fuel-kit system will clean your motor. Do not be surprised in seeing WATER coming out of your tailpipe! We sometimes call HHO, the ‘green’ gas. We have turned a nineteenth century technology into a modern step towards ‘green power’.

So help solve the energy crisis in America and help America become more energy independent by looking into this water-on-demand technology and kit. If your a backyard mechanic, professional mechanic or know one, you can install an inexpensive system with very little time on your existing truck or car. To learn more, look below for your link to gain additional information.

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