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Utility trailers have changed a great deal over the past generations. Though their functions have remained the same – to haul loads without using a truck to do the job – their materials, mechanics and overall value have been transformed to reflect more value, capability and consistency.

For instance, consider the Aluma line of utility trailers, one of the most reputable types in the marketplace today and highly sought after by Reinhart Trailers customers. Aluma aluminum utility trailers have evolved over the years from good bargains to incredible performers. Now available in numerous lengths between 12 and 22 feet, the majority of Aluma aluminum utility trailers come standard with sealed LED lights, a high-capacity swivel tongue jack, torsion axles, rear stabilizer jacks, EZ lube hubs and battery-powered breakaway switches.

Years ago, utility trailers would have never offered the aforementioned kinds of options, mainly because a) the materials were cost-prohibitive; b) there weren’t as many opportunities for consumers to “shop around” for utility trailers; and c) not as many people were using utility trailers for personal hauling. But as the market has changed, utility trailers have changed, too.

Another prime example of the evolution of utility trailers is Triton utility trailers. Triton utility trailers have continuously been developed to offer versatile utility trailers of all sizes. Consider the Triton UT16 model, a 16 foot long utility trailer with electric breaks, marine treated plywood flooring and a GVWR of 6000 pounds. Years ago, such options might not have been accessible to the general public; today, they are standard for many utility trailer models.

Of course, the basic uses of utility trailers haven’t changed much; however, what’s being hauled certainly has. Today, it’s not uncommon for families to have a number of “toys” such as snowmobiles, ATVs and smaller water sports crafts. Rather than investing in a pickup truck, those families choose to buy the right utility trailer for their needs. As a result utility trailers have become multi-use trailers for personal hauling.

Certainly, there are still those folks who just want a standard utility trailer, a working trailer that’s sturdy but not fancy. A utility trailer made specifically for commercial hauling. And for those shoppers, a more stripped-down, rugged version of a utility trailer is definitely available for purchase. Yet though it may look like an “old style” utility trailer, rest assured that it’s not. Even the most basic utility trailers have been upgraded in some way, whether by the metals and woods used to create them or the style in which they are manufactured.

If you’ve hesitated to purchase a utility trailer because you remember the limited utility trailer options from a couple of decades ago (or longer), it’s time to educate yourself on the new generation of utility trailers. What you’re bound to find is a variety of makes and models that are geared to fit any consumer’s needs, from the farmer who intends to use his utility trailer every day for hauling equipment to the mom who wants a utility trailer to tow her family’s recreational “toys” on the weekends. It’s just part of the beauty of the progress that’s been a huge part of the utility trailer industry.

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