New Truck safety marker lights,for owner operators,fleet owners

EDGEOLITE , a company with a mission to keep truckers,owner operators safer on the roads,

Has introduced a New truck and Tractor Safety reflectors that are easy to install
in minutes. Once installed enables the middle of the truck (tractor) to be more
visible to cross traffic on dark nights and early morning fog. Its another product
to make big trucks,owner operators more visible to oncoming traffic, which can help
to save vehicle accidents,while keeping roads safer.

This New product is made from Highly reflective DOT approved material and coated
for long lasting durability. It simply mounts to the steps on the truck, tractor,
usually located in the center, side of the truck, were there is usually nothing.

This New concept now helps to keep you and your truck more visible in dark roads and highways.
great for its added safety and visibility to your vehicle. Easy to install on all class vehicles
up to class 8 vehicles with side steps. Great for owner operators and truck fleet owner,
or truck fleet managers

Design to be long lasting with high density materials and self adhesive
materials for quick and easy installation for anybody. And can withstand harsh, abrasive weather

This NEW Truck product is only available by Edgeolite, the manufacturer.
Right Now as Added bonus and a more professional look. You can order it with
custom installed slogans or you company name set on the reflective base.

The New Edgeolite reflective step product, comes 2 per set and dimensions
are 24″long x 1.5″high. The product is reasonably priced for under $20.00

It’s certainly hard to say no to a product that makes your rig safer, and gives your truck a
new featured look. You owe it to self and your fleet to be protected, your certainly worth more
than $20.00

Toni is a writer for in the safety division. For truck safety products

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