NEW 2009 Plow Deflectors, Snowplow blade Reflectors

A Rubber snow deflector helps to deflect snow down and away from the windshield . They play an important role in better visibility and safety on winter roads.

Rubber deflectors come in and are available in any length or width, They can be custom made .
The use of the deflectors is not mandatory but is definitely an asset to most snowplow operators that have them installed on their plow, These deflectors or flaps are made from a skirt board material the durometer is usually about 60. These flaps are very durable they are abrasion and weather resistant.

Keeping the deflectors visible for the oncoming vehicles as they approach is also very important. There are products like, Edge-O-Lite snowplow safety reflectors which are a great addition to install on the plows blade or deflectors. They are very heavy duty, weather and abrasion resistant.

There are different applications for the use of this plow and deflector safety reflector product but they will illuminate the edges for the ultimate visibility. This is a collision avoidance product helps keep everyone safer on dark winter roads.

As many snowplow operators and contractors head out this winter season it is important to be better equipped with the best accessories and safety products to keep you and other drivers safer during
nighttime or low-visibility winter weather.

It is very important that the motorists and equipment operators have the safest possible atmosphere during winter road maintenance, especially on dark rural roads.

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