Ford Diesel trucks are boosting the engine capacities by adding EcoBoost engines

Ford is one of the most finely featured trucks for sale in the entire trucking industries. The Century old truck is having production of many of the qualitative and performance oriented trucks. Ford is one of the pioneer trucks which have produced the Pickup trucks for sale for the very first time and after that they have started the production of F series trucks which are the oldest trucking series of the world. The F series are having existence since more than fifty years.

These trucking giants have made up their minds to add a diesel engine in F-150 model of Ford trucks from 2010. The diesel engines are having exclusive and extensive features and are becoming more and more popular in big trucks for sale. Ford is intended to rock the industries with “Big 3” engines alongwith the charismatic EcoBoost engines. These engines could be the supreme Gasoline Turbo Direct injections which can boost not only the capacity of producing horse powers but also are the best torque producers. Ford Trucks are also planning to add the V6 engines to the Ford diesel trucks.

The trucks of Ford are determined to have the production of supercharged 4.4L diesel V8 engines which can produce 330 horsepower and 520 lb-ft of torque. This theme is quite newer for the trucking industries as even in Europe these kinds of engines are used in the super power Land Rover Range Rovers but in the trucks sections, Ford diesel trucks would be the first producers to introduce such massive and thrilling units of production.

Ford has already produced many of the Diesel engine trucks in past as way back in 1980’s, the Ford Ranger was produced with the option of Diesel engines also and these Ford Diesel engine trucks were responded positively also. But the technology of these engines was restricted and limited upto the Super duty trucks and none of these engines were found in F series of trucks especially in F-150. As we all know F series is the highest selling units for any of the manufacturing company. Even they are sharing as much as half share in the entire sales of the years of Ford. So, it is one of the magnificent types of trucks and adding Diesel engines to these kids of Ford could be the smashing idea.

So, here we inform every Ford lovers and truck lovers to have a watch and wait to welcome one of the best available engines of these days, EcoBoost engines in the Ford Diesel trucks and to make the best use of them.

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