Firms In Ink And Packaging Sectors ‘must Choose Forklifts Carefully’

Many companies operating around the UK and elsewhere rely on forklifts to help them complete their tasks. Indeed, a considerable number of industrial and storage areas would be unmanageable without such devices.

However, a warning has been issued to businesses that specialise in the manufacture of inks and packaging material. According to one organisation, when such enterprises are sourcing forklifts, whether they go for used forklift trucks or new ones, they need to be particularly careful.

Pyroban has noted that there are explosion-proof trucks available and these are necessary in the aforementioned cases. Failing to take note of this could have disastrous consequences, the firm claimed.

Commenting on the issue, Pyroban’s Darren Boiling said: “Explosion-proof forklifts are critical for any solvent-based ink manufacturing and packaging printing operation, including in-plant satellite operations. It is important for businesses to know the risks of handling flammable materials and to use the right equipment.”

He went on to state that safety should always be a priority in the inks, packaging and related logistics industries. However, according to the specialist, not all companies operating in these sectors are aware of the risks facing their workers on a daily basis.

Mr Boiling claimed that where flammable inks, solvents and other ingredients are received or stored, there is a potential for safety threats unless the right new or used forklifts are in operation.

Pyroban, which provides explosion proof technology for trucks, pointed out that these vehicles can ignite solvent vapour in a number of ways. For example, there are hot spots on the engine exhaust or motors and sparks may fly from components such as switches.

It is vital that companies do all they can to prevent accidents and injuries. When problems occur, they risk harming members of staff, suffering damage to their reputations and losing a considerable amount of money.

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