Crawford Truck Sales is the Leading Choice for Tow trucks in Massachusetts

Crawford Truck Sales is the leading choice for tow truck owners.  They have achieved this feat by offering fair prices with exceptional service, before, during and after the sale.  Crawford provides this level of service because they believe in the working man who is just trying to make a living like them.  With this in mind, they constantly try to put themselves in the customer’s position and ask what I would need if I were them.

Crawford Trucks Sales accredits their success of over 25 years to their customers and their employees.  Customers who were just starting out in the 1970’s have bought dozens of trucks to add to their fleet over the years with Crawford Truck being the primary dealer on record.

One such customer stated, “Crawford Truck Sales has been there for me throughout the years.  When my trucks break down, as they do when you need them the most, Crawford is always there to get me back on the road as quickly and cost effectively as possible.” “Over the years Crawford has worked with me, and has always delivered on their word. Highly Recommended!”

Our inventory of available tow trucks ranges from 2010 4 car carriers, 2 car carriers, wreckers, rollbacks and heavy duties.  We strive to get the perfect fit for our clients, if you have a specific make, model and year in mind; we can get that for you.

Crawford Trucks strives to offer competitive and fair rollback truck sales, tow truck sales and tow trucks in Massachusetts.  Crawford Truck is more than willing to sell your truck on consignment and procure your new truck in the process.

Crawford Truck Sales is looking forward to another 25 years of successful business relationships.

Tow trucks in Massachusetts

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