Considerations For An Ebay Car Purchase

As with any Auto Purchase, it is a good idea to look into the cars history. From a distance this adds a little bit of challenge, but with modern technology and tools available, you can do this without much problem. Purchase a Carfax report and see if the history reported, matches the description given by the seller. Hire a third party to inspect the car for you. Buying a car on eBay can save you a ton of money, and is certainly worth your due diligence and spending an extra one hundred dollars or so to make sure you don’t end up with a lemon. <p><br>

If the seller has made any promises to you, make sure you get everything in writing. If not in writing, it means nothing. Have the seller fax documents to you that show the vehicles history.<p><br>

Ebay has a fine print section that you will want to read. Anything and everything wrong with this car should be listed here. You will get a feel of how forthright your seller is.

If the seller requests that you pay in cash, you should be leery, and never do it. Paying in cash gives you no recourse and no fraud protection . <p><br>

To verify the VIN they provide you, and that you will use on the vehicle reports you pay for, you can do something fun. Ask the seller to provide you a photograph of the VIN number with something else in the picture as well. It will need to be something that cannot just be photoshoped into the picture. Maybe an action figure and a five dollar bill on either side of the VIN. Also, what is the bluebook value of the car? What have similar cars on eBay sold for?<p><br>

Lastly, make sure you consider all the costs associated with your purchase. Have you made arrangements for auto transport, or do you plan on looking into that later? If you ship across the country, expect to pay around one thousand dollars. Don’t forget that you will need to register the car and get car insurance for it.


Rcc Auto Transport ( is an auto transport company that specializes in the transportation of Ebay Motors vehicles.Yoad Livny is a freelance writer.

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