Car Leasing Trend Growing in Major Cities

?Car Leasing Trend Growing in Major Cities

Car leasing has become the rising trend in major cities in the past few years. Though the reasons may vary, it is worth noting that leased cars are playing a larger role in the car industry. A great example is the case of New York City. A lot of people may argue that a car in New York City is unnecessary. There’s public transit like the subway and buses and the Long Island Rail Road. You have easy access to get anywhere you need to, right? Except anyone who has lived in New York City long enough knows public transportation is not foolproof. It’s often delayed, rerouted, and sometimes barely running at all. And when you need to make it to work or that important appointment on time, you just can’t rely on a train and have your schedule be out of your control.

That’s why car lease deals are a great way to get your hands on a steering wheel without dropping all that money into a brand new car. You can be sure you’ll get to where you have to go on time since you can leave early and account for traffic. At least if you are late, you can only blame yourself.

And what if you want to head out of the city? It’s not that easy to do without a car. Sure you can hop a bus or train with limited seating and deal with a bunch of annoying strangers. Or you and your buddies can hop in your lease Acura and head out on your own time! Whatever you choose, a car in the city is a better idea than you’d think.

A few months ago, Congress enacted a five year extension on the Diesel Emissions Reduction Act. $500 million will be spent over that time period to clean old diesel engines that remain in trucks and the like. Diesels emits sulfur and other deadly emissions, but a diesel engine lasts longer and is more efficient than a gasoline engine. The spending will use new technology to purify and lessen emissions. That’s good news for the environment, and the work force, as new jobs will be created to enforce the act.

If you’re looking to buy Acura or buy new Honda, this won’t make much of a difference. But it’s important to know how seriously a car’s environmentally friendliness is being taken. You may want to buy new Honda, which is a fuel efficient car. That’s a good idea. Because if you choose a car that doesn’t get good gas mileage, you will have to pay an additional gas tax, which can be upwards of $1500. So take a tip from Congress and look at car lease deals on environmentally friendly, non-diesel cars.

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