Benefits Of Auxiliary Power Units

Across the United States, truck drivers today are faced with the on-going implementation of anti-idling regulations. This creates a need for a true cycling battery in the heavy duty truck industry. An Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) not only increases comfort for the driver, but also saves money and reduces air pollution.

Currently, the Department of Transportation requires ten hours of rest for every eleven hours of long haul truck driving. For the typical truck driver, that can mean extended periods of time spent in the cab. The most commonly used idle reducing technologies not only dictate stopping, but also provide limited amenities. The Auxiliary Power Unit, however, offers amenities during breaks and eliminates the need to idle the engine. These amenities include heat, air conditioning, and electricity for personal devices. The Auxiliary Power Unit means more flexibility and greater comfort while on the road.

The Auxiliary Power Unit can also save the truck driver and the trucking company money. When a truck idles, it burns approximately 1 gallon of diesel fuel. With an Auxiliary Power Unit, the need to idle is eliminated and only .2 to .3 gallons of fuel are consumed per hour. This could save approximately 8% in fuel costs per year. Inefficiency not only burns unnecessary fuel, but also puts wear on the engine. The Auxiliary Power Unit can extend the life of the main engine by around 100,000 miles. This occurs when non-productive run time is reduced.

Not only can the Auxiliary Power Unit save money, but can also help save the environment. Pollution from diesel fuel emissions has a variety of effects on the environment, ranging from regional haze to global climate change. The Auxiliary Power Unit technology could potentially eliminate eleven million tons of carbon dioxide per year. In addition to carbon dioxide, other emissions produced by diesel trucks include nitrogen oxide and particle matter. Sulfur dioxide and formaldehyde have also been found.

The Trojan Over Drive AGM 31 is an example of a battery that is specifically designed for cycling truck applications. In addition to powering an efficient and environmentally friendly APU system, this type of battery offers many benefits. First, it is maintenance free with no watering required. It is a fully rechargeable battery and efficiently recharges as the truck is driven. Over standard lead acid batteries, the Trojan provides vibration resistance. The battery is packaged in a durable propropylene case, which offers increased protection. The Trojan Overdrive AGM 31 is can be easily lifted and installed. These rechargeable batteries offer the truck driver clean, steady reserve power. Emergency Generator Batteries.

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