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? Protecting Yourself Against Fraud When Using an Online Car Donation Service

Since just about everything can be done online in some form or another, it’s not surprising that you can use online car donation services to get rid of an unwanted car and secure what might be a significant tax deduction. However, it’s a good idea to be careful about just what sort of company you let handle this transaction for you.

Even good charities can let bad companies represent them. This is sometimes the result of someone on the side of the charity not looking to closely into the qualifications of those actually doing the tow work and the paper work involved with selling a vehicle and reporting the proceeds accurately to the charity and yourself. Online car donation almost always uses such services, even if the

On the other hand, the problem may be that the charity hired a service that facilities pick up and delivery with a network of independent contractors. This does, of course, decrease the amount the charity will receive as a percentage of the car’s sale price at wholesale auction. However, it does guarantee that you’ll be able to call a single number to initiate a donation no matter where you live through online car donation.

Regardless, you want to make sure there’s something to guarantee the online car donation service you choose is at least legitimate. For starters, it should say what the charity is that you’re donating to. If this isn’t readily apparent, a certain amount of this may be bad web design, though this is a common tactic used by companies that are actually illegal according to Federal law.

It is your duty when using online car donation services to check and see not only that they list a charity, but make it possible for you to check up on the non-profit, exempt status with the IRS. Thankfully, you can look up tax ID numbers from the IRS website. Donations made to less than real non-profit organization (NPOs) are not allowable tax deductions and can even result in an audit.

Once you’ve verified that the NPO in question is real, you may then donate to your hart’s content, though the amount of a deduction eventually garnered for the donation will often be less from an online car donation site than you might get from contacting a local charity that can use the vehicle directly.

Another thing you’ll want to keep an eye out for is an online car donation that makes you responsible for any charges. Since you’re doing the donation, there’s no reason why you should have to deal with any sort of fees or charges. Some unscrupulous companies will present donors with a destination charge, though there’s not a reason to pay such a charge either, especially if you find out your car is being sold rather than going out of state

Online auto donation has certainly come along way since the early days of dial up bulletin boards. The industry got so large in the early ‘aughts that the General Accounting Office felt compelled to investigate the practice. Resultant legislation has taken many of the smaller players out of the industry, though it continues to be lucrative enough.

Regardless, they’re not going anywhere, anytime soon. A simple search for “online car donation” in your favorite search engine should return about a million pages of donation opportunities and information on services that can help you get rid of your extra vehicle.

It is good to know that if a tax donation isn’t very important to you, there are online car donation services that will take care of the hauling away and paperwork associated with the change of ownership as well as the sales and paperwork associated with the actual donation. Even if your car is running, it will be towed from its current location.

You shouldn’t assume you’ll get a hefty donation from your online car donation. Often times, the sale price at a wholesale auction are so poor that your charity may not benefit very much at all. Be sure that the charity in question isn’t responsible if money is lost on the transaction, especially if you’re donating a car that’s not in very good shape.

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