A Career as an LGV Driver Explained

Now, just what is an LGV driver?  LGV stands for Large Goods Vehicle.  And an LGV driver is someone who is properly licensed to drive the vehicle.  Many different career paths can be taken as a LGV driver.  One can even drive internationally throughout the entire European Union if the driving company is large enough.  Also, if you want to stay a bit more local here in the United Kingdom, many LGV drivers can find other work working for depots, warehouses, and distribution centers.  If you desire to work a bit more local than that, you can also drive for area supermarkets and retail chains.  

Typically, LGV drivers will transport various goods on Lorries that weigh more than 7.5 tonnes.  Some typical examples of these various large goods vehicles are Oil transport Lorries, large transporters, and multiple trailer LGV.  Starting out as a LGV driver, you will have some basic responsibilities included with your daily task of driving.  First and foremost, you will be constantly checking to see if the load that you are hauling is properly secured on your vehicle.  To double check this important responsibility, an LGV driver will have a logbook with them at all times.  The log book keeps track of how far they have driven, how long they have driven, how long their rest periods are, and even how often that they check the overall cargo.  Drivers will need this log with them wherever they drive in case you are ever pulled over by the police.  When the police do pull you over, they are required by law to review your driving log.  

A typical workweek for an LGV driver is the standard 40-45 hour work week.  However, you will be constantly driving, no matter how bad the weather is outside.  You have deliveries to make and will need to make them on time.  Due to the shortage of LGV drivers, many drivers can pick up additional overtime hours.  But be aware, there are laws in place where you will need to set mandatory breaks.  Once hired, your hiring officials will well inform you how often you are allowed to take your scheduled breaks while out on the road.  It is imperative that you understand this information as you certainly do not want to be breaking the law as a new LGV driver.

Certain qualifications are needed to be an LGV driver.  Obviously, you will need a special license to drive such a large vehicle.  In addition to the license, a basic understanding of Math and the English language will come into play because often, you are a representative of the company that you are working for.  Your customers will be seeing you more than they will be seeing the actual personnel of your company.  

When hired by a hauling company, it is typical that the company that hires you will train you.  They will either train you themselves or hire a private instructor to assist you with your LGV license.  The amount of training that you will require all depends on how much driving experience that you have had in the past.

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