2004 Dodge Ram

?2004 Dodge Ram

The 2004 Dodge Ram is a continuation of the revamped model introduced a few years earlier, and remains one of the toughest trucks in the half-ton class. It is offered in 1500, 2500, 3500 and other sizes along with gasoline and diesel engines. A few features were added for the ’04 season, mostly being technological upgrades for drivers inside the cabin. Dodge is still betting on the idea that only 2 different cab styles will offer enough customization and appeal to it’s customers. Possible the most alluring aspect of these trucks is the fact that they can be bought with the infamous Hemi engine which is renowned for it’s power and smoothness.

Engines available on these models include a 3.7 liter V-6, a 4.7 liter V-8, along with a 5.7 liter V-8. Drivers who only need a basic work truck for highway driving and won’t be hauling extremely large loads will probably suffice with the smaller V-6, but certainly won’t be getting able to use the truck to it’s full capabilities. The 4.7 liter engine is a great middle of the road choice and works very well with even the 4 wheel drive models both on and off road. Of course those who really want to get the best all around experience will have to indulge and get themselves a Hemi equipped 5.7 liter engine 2004 Dodge Ram. The benefits of the larger engine are endless and the ride quality is drastically improved.

Noticeable areas that this truck excels in comparison with the Chevy Silverado and Ford F-150 include towing capabilities, optional all-wheel drive, and a very user friendly set of interior instrument controls and panel layouts. Dodge is able to offer some of the best hauling and towing capabilities because of its strengthened frame from a new forging technique that has made it up to 3 times as strong. That means that the truck is more reliable than ever for heavy duty work.

There are three trim packages available for the 2004 Dodge Ram including the ST, SLT, and the SRT. Both the basic level ST and mid-level SLT packages are available in 2 door cabs and quad cabs. Basic ST models have power windows and a decent stereo system along with the choice of 6.3 ft or 8 ft cargo bed. SLT models are a nice step up in comfort, offering full power accessories, CD players, AC, a great selection of fabrics, and optional 20 inch wheels. It should be noted however that the larger wheels have been known to cause a stiffer ride quality. The sportier SRT-10 models come with the viper V10 engine and 22 inch wheels. The high-end package also has different trim accents.

Most trucks will be found to have the mid-level SLT package and one of the V-8 engines. Depending upon preferences and needs, there are a great selection of both 2 wheel rear drive and 4 wheel drive trucks available for the 2004 Dodge Ram. One of the few downsides that Dodge still struggles with is fuel economy. Coming in significantly lower for nearly all packages and engines than the Silverado and F-150.

In summation, the Ram is a great truck for those who really want to do some seriously work. Lower end packages are where the Ram probably isn’t the best of competitors, but they are very fund trucks to drive nonetheless.

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