Yuchai: Study And Practice And Business Performance Double Harvest – Yuchai, Three Combinations –

Guangxi Yuchai Group study and practice, the "combination" as the starting point, tightly around the hard training enterprise internal strength, promote the study and practice of solid phase of the study and research work, to achieve the study and practice and business performance double for, double harvest .

1, combined with the grim situation facing the school, sort out the scientific development idea. For the rapid spread of the global financial crisis, a marked decline in external markets such as complex and challenging situation, concept of scientific development through intensive study, the group leading groups to further sort out development, rapid adjustment and the establishment of a "building within the outside practice, Xuli development" general operating principles, and hard skills to enhance strength training to build market growth, poised to gather together, meet new challenges. In the "expanding domestic demand, agricultural subsidies" and other national policies issued before the group leadership on the situation and scientifically judge the market trend, the rapid adjustment of the production Pin Strategy, aimed at the light truck market in the quick start and a significant agricultural market growth opportunities, seize market opportunities, launched a breakthrough "product crisis" special operations, targeted to develop market demand for products, in just a few months time, made more than 20 outstanding results, driven Yuchai full range of four-cylinder Engine And traditional medium-sized engine YC6J overall growth market. Meanwhile, the heavy-duty truck market project has also led to the gradual start YC6M, YC6A the rapid development of heavy-duty engines. The first quarter of this year, sales of contrarian and Yuchai, the order again and again to refresh, to achieve a "good start."

II study combining business problems, get rid of obstacles to scientific development. Through the study of research, identify the company's "management and healthy development Innovation Capacity building, cadre work style and ability and quality, livelihood security and environmental improvement "and other work related to the overall major problems, seriously examine the scientific concept of development, analysis, diagnosis of these outstanding problems, scientific, dialectical, and development thinking and ideas to think about ways to find countermeasures, to take effective measures to eliminate obstacles to scientific development. First, leading them to accurately understand the situation, analyze the situation and judge the situation correctly crises and opportunities, challenges and opportunities of the relationship, and enhance workforce response to the crisis of courage and confidence. Second, to vigorously promote the optimization of product mix, phasing out associate degrees and core business is not strong, small-scale unit, the main industry bigger and stronger around the core plate. The third is based on Yuchai Engineering Research Institute , the newly formed Yuchai Heavy Engineering Research Institute, relying on national products Yuchai laboratory, post-doctoral workstations and Guangxi, and other diesel-powered talent cradle and a small high technology platform, and vigorously promote product innovation. Fourth, strengthening the Group's strategic control, build up strategic management system, optimization objective management and process management, scroll to adjust groups development plans, construction group level control system, financial control system, the responsibility system, cultural system, continued in-depth promote cost reduction projects, develop human resource planning, human resource structure , good human resource reserves, savings and sustained development to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises. Fifth, vigorously carry out team-building, strengthening education and training, care for the masses, to improve the quality of the workforce and to

Force, fully arouse the enthusiasm of the workforce production, eliminate obstacles to development, to promote the healthy development of business.

Learning research stage, Yuchai Group realized the study and practice and business performance double for, double harvest. In the first quarter, Yuchai Group, both engine marketing more than 175,000 units, an increase of 4%, of which sales 90,000 units in March, up 26%, a new record high; Yuchai Heavy achieved following a February domestic sales record a new high, up 150% in March domestic sales to achieve a "red 1000" target, excavators up to 1008 units sold, up 25% to achieve a single month, "two first": excavator in 15 tons of domestic market top seller; export ranking. Yuchai Group first quarter sales revenue of over 5.6 billion, which in March sales revenue of over 2.8 billion, up 12%, ushered in the first quarter of 2009, sales of good start.

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