When You Need Sprinter 3500 2.4 Used Turbo Diesel Engine

Some associations produce great results such as in the case of Chrysler group’s association with Mercedes. The technology pool of Mercedes along with that of Chrysler’s has been utilized to the optimum and this terrific association has culminated into the production of great motors like Dodge brand Sprinter 3500 2.4 turbo diesel engines. Such association has also been used to produce quality suspension systems, automatic transmission, etc. in these Sprinter vehicles. Every user is sure to appreciate the reliability factor of these Dodge engines.

The Dodge engines, specifically these performance variants, are arguably the most powerful engines as affirmed by some of the automotive experts.

If you look at the history of the Sprinter, it was in the year 1995 that the first generation Sprinter was launched and it was in Europe that this launch took place. Sprinter was a replacement to Mercedes Benz T1 which had been there since 1977. In the same year, i.e. in 1995, Sprinter was voted the International Van of the Year. The year 2006 saw the introduction of the second generation Sprinter. During the years 2007 and 2008, the Professional Van and Light Truck Magazine voted Sprinter as the Van of the Year.

The first generation Sprinter was launched in North America in 2001 but the brand name was Freightliner. From 2003, in the US and Canada, users could purchase the Sprinter either as the Dodge brand or as Freightliner. The second generation VB chassis Sprinter was introduced in these markets in the year 2007. Since January, 2010, the company dispensed with the Dodge nameplate and started using only the Mercedes Benz name in the US market.

If you look at the engines used in the Sprinter, the vehicle used many diesel engines and one petrol engine, out of which 2.4 liter turbo diesel was one. The transmissions used are a 5 speed manual, a 6 speed semi-automatic, which is otherwise called the Sprintshift and a 5 speed NAG1 or New Automatic Gearbox Generation 1 automatic transmission. The US market did not have the manual transmissions and the Sprintshift. All the diesel engines come with DPF or Diesel Particulate Filters that burn of the collected soot.

When you need SPRINTER 3500 2.4 USED TURBO DIESEL engine for your vehicle, the dealer you choose must study your needs and depending upon your needs, should be able to make available to you the right engine. It is better you select a dealer who has years of experience in satisfying the requirements of customers like you. The dealer should go beyond being a stereotype and should understand that you, as the customer, have the autonomy to have the engine you want. Even if you have a modest budget, the dealer should be able to satisfy your requirements. It is all about the conviction the dealer should have about customer satisfaction. Only if the dealer understands that your decisions are propelled both by your requirements and budget, a good non-commercial treatment can be extended so that the right choice of engine can be made. Only then, these deals will become creative pay-offs for the dealers. You, as the customer, have the responsibility of taking suitable precautions like having your mechanic with you for inspecting the engine before purchasing the engine, etc.

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