What Fire Trucks Are Used For

?What Fire Trucks Are Used For

The fire engines you see at your local fire station or roaring through your streets belong to a family of trucks that all carry water for various purposes. Each type of truck has different features to match the various tasks it is used for. Your ability to accomplish your task at hand depends on the type of water or fire trucks used.

Fire trucks or engines are made specifically to fight fires in cities and buildings. They have enough cabin space to carry a team of firefighters, and storage for all of the equipment they use. There is usually a ladder that can be mechanically raised and lowered to access higher floors in buildings. The price of these trucks is enormous, so the firefighters in your community need plenty of funding. Purchasing used fire trucks can help make the price more manageable.

Fire tankers are also used to put out fires, but are used more in large scale outdoor fires. They look drastically different from fire engines. The tanker is usually not equipped to dispense water in a way to directly fight fires, but it is used more for transporting large amounts of water to the site of the fire. It is often connected to a fire engine. Fire tankers consist of a diesel truck hauling a large metallic tank. There is little room for storage, and room for only a driver and one passenger.

Water trucks are similar to fire tankers in form, but are used much differently. Water trucks are frequently used at mines or quarries when a lot of dust is being kicked up into the air. This dust can limit visibility for the workers and even nearby drivers. Water trucks are equipped with nozzles, somewhat like sprinklers, that dispense water in a large area around the truck. The water carries the dust back to the ground.

Regardless of which water-bearing truck you’re talking about, they are all impressive vehicles that serve important purposes.

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