What Are You Doing to Conserve Fuel

?What Are You Doing to Conserve Fuel?

The other day a newspaper reporter interviewed me and asked me what I was doing to conserve fuel. He wondered what someone who runs a think tank, had come up with in the way of solutions. Well here are my thoughts on fuel conservation, because it starts with you, me and each one of us.

One thing I learned in my studies that it costs $1.80 to $2.00 to fully charge a golf cart, with a range of about 20 miles. Where I live, well everything I really need is within 5-miles anyway. So, I am going to buy a used golf cart. My scooter is a 2000 Kawasaki Zuma 49 cc, and gets 60 mpg. I recently pulled it out of storage, it needs a new back tire, but it’s in good shape.

The other day I went to the gas station to top off the tank, I gave the guy $2.00 and said pump number 8, he looked at me as if he felt empathy for me, probably thinking this poor guy can’t even get down the street for $2.00, but little did he know, I was on a Scooter, and that will easily last me a week or more!

My car gets about 35 mpg, so if we need to go anywhere further away, we jump in the car. Since it’s a manual transmission you can do pretty well around town if you do not hot rod.

Over the past 8-years in my retirement we have been traveling in a Motor Coach to every city in the US and Canada. When we started in 2000 diesel was under $1.00 at $.88 per gallon, when it reached $1.35 we thought hmm? This is unfortunate. Then last summer a trip from California to East Coast and meandering back ran about $3,000 in fuel, Diesel was $3.00 and change. Now, it’s over $5.00 we’ve parked the RV, and the RV industry is really hurting.

There is no way I am going to be cruising around wily nilly at $5.25 per gallon for diesel, my last fill-up was $785.00 and no wonder I was the only person in line at the Flying J Truck Stop.

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