Using Box Trucks and 4×4 Trucks for Business Deliveries

?Using Box Trucks and 4×4 Trucks for Business Deliveries

First, 4×4 trucks are useful for delivering various bulky items. For example, if a person has a small appliance repair business, he or she may need to pick up and deliver items such as dishwashers and refrigerators to and from customers. In this case, 4×4 pickup truck can be useful.

The four wheel drive capabilities can come in very handy on surfaces with lower traction such as snow and mud. However, a pickup truck leaves the items in the bed exposed to the weather. So sometimes a box truck can be a better option.

A box truck gives the advantage of having an enclosed areas to carry the cargo. For example, a furniture store delivering mattresses can’t have the new mattress be delivered to the customer with mod snow all over it. So, having these items inside the box of the truck protects them from the weather. Also the cargo space inside box truck is generally much greater than in pickup truck. Four wheel drive box trucks are also available and this option can give the benefits of both types of vehicle in one unit.

If the business does not have the capital required to purchase one of these vehicles, there are other options. Generally this type of vehicle can be financed. Leasing is also popular with businesses because it reduces the amount of capital required. Moreover, these vehicles are often built fairly well and can withstand heavy duty use over the years. Therefore, purchasing these types of trucks used is also very common.

When purchasing a used truck, it needs to be given a thorough test drive. This test drive should reveal any major pre-existing conditions with the vehicle. Moreover, an inspection by a qualified mechanic should reveal most other major problems. Any issues found can make for convenient points of negotiating the price with the seller. Generally, purchasing this vehicle for private seller will cost less than purchasing it from a used car or truck dealer.

Also, if available, maintenance records for the used truck should be inspected. Lack of proper maintenance can shorten the useful life of these vehicles, particularly if they were used for towing.

Both 4×4 truck and box trucks are available with engines accepting various types of fuel. Gasoline and diesel are the most common types of fuels for these vehicles. However, compressed natural gas is becoming more common. Diesel trucks also sometimes utilize propane injection to realize additional power output from the engine.

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