Used Landscaping Trucks For Sale – Know Your Options

?Used Landscaping Trucks For Sale – Know Your Options

Commercial landscape trucks are generally categorized by weight and fall under three main classes: lightweight trucks, medium range trucks and heavy duty vehicles. All three of these classes are capable of doing landscaping projects, but you may find a specific category truck more suitable for particular jobs than others.

If you are considering various types of used landscaping trucks for sale, the type of truck you ultimately buy will largely depend on the projects in which you plan to use it. New commercial landscape equipment can be quite expensive and if investing in new models is beyond your budget, you should look into used landscape trucks for sale to provide you with the vehicle you need for your purposes.

Lightweight Used Landscaping Trucks

Light trucks such as mini-flat bed trucks and pickups are often used for landscape maintenance purposes as the beds of these vehicles provides sufficient space to carry lawn mowers, edgers and other small landscaping tools used in maintaining lawns and property. Most flatbed models also come with standard side door gates, which enable the loading and unloading of landscape equipment and other supplies to be accomplished with relative ease. In addition, it is often not mandatory to receive a special permit to drive these type vehicles.

Medium Weight Landscape Trucks

Medium trucks offer the most versatility of the three classes of landscape vehicles. These models are usually used to transport landscape equipment used for installing sprinkler systems, gardening supplies, potted, and boxed plants. Trucks of this nature often come with special fittings to enable the carrying of sprinkler related supplies in an organized and efficient manner, i.e. sprinkler parts, connectors and sprinkler installation tools. Some trucks are equipped with a small section of flatbed space used for carrying soil, sand or gravel. Additional features include an 8-cylinder gas or diesel engine and the fitting of a heavy-duty hitch to pull trailers or mini-tractors when the need arises.

Heavy Weight Landscape Trucks

The last category of commercial landscape vehicle is the heavy weight class. Powered by large 8-cylinder diesel engines they are capable of carrying a complete load of equipment and soil. They can also pull a large sized trailer with skip loader. Each model comes fitted with a strong well built flatbed, which can be modified for enclosure to carry soil or can be left with the standard side gates for carrying tools, landscape equipment and supplies.

Be sure to consider these options and how you will use them before commit to investing in any particular used landscaping trucks for sale.

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