Turbochargers VS Superchargers By RJ Performance

What are the two most important factors that your engine must have? Power and Performance. Just imagine driving a powerful truck along rough terrains with ease and comfort while knowing it will perform at the highest standards.

So you ask yourself — “What do I need to achieve these qualities?”

Upgrading your engine with a turbocharger or supercharger will address your power driving thirst. Both systems increase your ride’s horsepower by enabling greater amount of air accumulation in its combustion chamber, which effects a more powerful explosion. Although both do wonders for your car, their process of power generation is different. Having an enlightenment on how each system works will give you the best decision on which one is the perfect fit for your truck.

Superchargers use a belt that rotates an impeller, which allows more air to be compressed in the combustion chamber. It is a vey simple but effective system that directly provides energy whenever needed. In addition, it is easily made to fit diesel engines and comes in two fan belt driven types. Both types create a much-needed power boost all through the power-band that results to controlled power for both high and low RPM. Also, superchargers require low maintenance and no special cooling is needed, making it appealing to most engine enthusiast.

Turbo chargers, on the other hand, works in a system where the impeller is rotated by gasses from engine exhaust. When the engine stops running, impeller also becomes inactive as insufficient pressure is exhausted from the engine.  Clearly, the more you revved-up your engine, greater power is produced. Turbo chargers by RJ Performance will fit in any type of diesel engine with the proper use of engine block and corresponding exhaust manifold. They come in two sizes —Small turbochargers for a quicker boost response with limited boost level, and Large Turbochargers for greater level of power with slower boost build-up.

With an RJ Performance Turbocharger, you’ll be able to efficiently increase horsepower by activating boost controllers. Although its heat production tends to rise after reaching 5 psi, this issue is effectively solved by an intercooler system. For best results, allow the turbo system to cool down for several minutes after an aggressive use.

In summary, turbochargers are flexible in terms of the easy availability of upgrades and swaps in the market. They don’t create unnecessary noises while maximizing power efficiency.

With this vital information now in your head, you can properly decide which system suits you perfectly. Not yet decided? Please log in at http://www.rj-performance.com for more information and tips.

RJ Performance was founded in 1998 and has grown into one of North America’s premier medium and light duty diesel engine and component suppliers. We import manufactured products from more than 10 countries. Our goal is to provide you with exceptional Parts for exceptional prices.

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