Try Class A Motorhomes For Most Space And Comfort

Before buying an RV, it is important that you know how exactly you intend to use it. Your purpose should be the determining factor while you check out various RV types. Read on about an RV type that keeps you at home while on the road.

Recreational Vehicles or also known as RVs are the best option for those with wanderlust and who want to go on vacations frequently. Be it a weekend or a long vacation, driving out in your RV with your family on board is always exciting. Unlike traveling by a car or taking the train or any other public transport to get to your holiday destination, taking an RV gives you a much preferable experience. However choosing the right RV for you and your family is the key to bring out that great RV experience to the fullest.

There are various types of RV models available from which you can choose the one that suits your purpose the best. The RV types include Class A motorhome, Class B motorhome, Class C motorhome, Travel Trailer, Fifth-Wheel Trailer, Folding Camping Trailer, Camper Trailer and so on. Each offers specific function and differs in size.

The Class A motorhome is usually the biggest and most expensive, the Class B motorhome resembles a van with a raised roof. The Class C motorhome has a van front with a cut-away chassis slightly bigger than Class B motorhome. The Travel Trailer as the name suggests has a trailer that is hitched to and towed by a truck. The Fifth-Wheel Trailer is just like a travel trailer, hitched and towed, but usually bigger in size. The Folding Camping Trailer offers a lot of flexibility, it can be opened up to create a larger space and folded down to enable lighter and easier transportation. The Camper Trailer is a small camper designed for one or two people only. It is one of the least expensive and provides only room to sleep.

Although, each has its own differentiating features and advantages, the class A motorhome could be an ideal choice for the best RV experience. Class A motorhomes, or also known as coach or motor coach, could either come as a diesel or a gas fueled model. They are huge in size with a bus-like appearance and house the most space and amenities. A class A motorhome usually has a living area, kitchen, dining area, bathroom and a bedroom. Some also have slide-outs that enlarge the living area even more.

Class A motorhome’s bulky size and low fuel efficiency are the two main drawbacks that people often consider before buying one. In addition, owners will also have to invest more and get a large space to store it. Due to its size, they can be difficult to maneuver in smaller spaces. However, if you look at the bigger picture, and you must, its advantages outshine the drawbacks.

A class A motorhome offers the most space on the inside. This is a big advantage as you can have whatever you want while you are on the road. Having a living area, kitchen, dining area, bathroom and a bedroom etc., ensures the most comfortable travel on the road. Nothing beats it on the highway. In a class A motorhome, the living and driving compartments are connected, hence, you don’t have to stop the RV and get out to access your living area.

Driving experience is also good in the class A motorhome, it has an elevated driver position that gives the best view of the road ahead. You can even tow another vehicle or trailer behind it for even more supplies and support. If you seek more space, comfort and luxury on the road to your vacation destination and also at the campsite, a class A motorhome is your best option.

While choosing a class A motorhome, you need to look into the vehicle like you check a new house and a vehicle before buying them. In this case, you need to look at the vehicle from a home owner and a vehicle owner’s eyes. If you have the budget, you may go for the more luxurious ones, while even with a tighter budget you can opt for one by looking for a well used and maintained class A motorhome from a reliable used RV dealer. Used Ford, Infiniti, Bluebird, Centurion, GMC, Volvo, Prevost motorhomes for sale and many other are available for sale at online used RV sale websites.

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