Truck Repair for Foreign Truck Models


Road transportation of goods has undergone a great change from the days when goods were carried by horses, mules and even humans over dirt tracks to the modern road infrastructure and state of the art import trucks carrying huge loads over across continents. In addition, computer technology has brought about a paradigm shift in the way movement of goods is managed by trucking companies.


Management of import and export of physical goods depends largely upon the trucking companies of a country. Transportation of bulk goods is normally done using the intermodal freight transport, which involves the use of multiple modes of transport without having to handle the freight itself while changing modes of transport. This involves the use of covered containers, known as ‘lift vans’ in U.S. This not only reduces the risk of in-transit damage but also improves security and faster transportation.


Trucks are the backbone of the transportation system of a country and the growth of a country’s economy depends largely on import and export management. Trucking and hauling operations are done in different ways.


Tracking companies may own their own fleet of trucks and accept cargo for transportation. There are also independent owner drivers who deal directly with a client or offer their services to trucking companies. Also, some huge corporations such as grocery store chains own their own trucks for movement of goods to different locations. Road transportation may be on regular routes for only one consignee per run or loading goo0ds from different locations for various consignees.


Regardless of whether it is a trucking company that owns a large fleet of import trucks or owner operators fatigue and vehicle repair are of major concern to people involved in trucking and hauling operations.


Commercial drivers are required to carry large loads across long distances and truck drivers spend more than half their waking time in the truck, which makes them more susceptible to fatigue. Driver fatigue is primarily dependent upon circadian rhythm effects, sleep deprivation and the time the driver has been on the task (driving).  This requires truckers to keep strict discipline for drive-time and rest periods to avoid fatigue and accidents.


Truck repair, on the other hand, is a major expense in trucking business. The owner’s manual is highly useful to tell you how and when to change fluids, check brakes and when to take the vehicle for maintenance service. However, there is not a single answer for all. Much depends upon climatic conditions and driving in heat and cold, rain and snow and through stop-and go traffic can take a heavy toll of machinery.


Truck drivers can avoid truck repair but only to an extent. Preventive maintenance can go a long way in minimizing repair cost. A lot depends upon how you go about service maintenance. The crucial part is whether you are doing it yourself or getting it done by a qualified technician. Regardless, you need to keep proper records and maintain a log of frequency of servicing.


Modern import trucks are a technological marvel. Companies like Isuzu – Ud Nissan – Hino – Mitsu Fuso make sure that every truck that leaves their factories is checked for all systems so as to minimize repair costs. However, with age, there may be a need to get problems diagnosed, for repairs and even rebuilding engines. Import Trucks of Atlanta specializes in repair of foreign diesel trucks of these companies.

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