Truck Diesel Engine – An Answer to the Rising Demands

The enormity of the population increase and the curious increase in movement of goods forced policy makers to invest huge amounts on research to find out a suitable and authentic solution for this problem. With the invention of the diesel engine, a great measure of success was achieved. This invention turned out to be an extraordinary story in the world of transportation.

It was in the 1920’s that trucks were fitted with diesel engines. The benefit with diesel engines is that trucks loaded fully with goods can run at normal or even high speed without any performance or safety problems. You can even use these engines for long distances also. The main reason for this performance is the power generated by the diesel engines. Additional research done during the 80’s and 90’s has resulted in increasing the efficiency of diesel engine. The results of these researches are that if you add appropriate additives to diesel, maintenance of the engine becomes easy. To improve the power generated by the truck engine, you can use power chargers and turbo chargers.

More output in the diesel engine is due to two main reasons. The main point is that compression of air and burning of diesel happen separately and not simultaneously because diesel is injected only after air reaches a particular compressed stage. The resulting higher compression ratio results in more power output in the diesel engine and hence you get an improved mileage.

The second reason for truck diesel mileage is that diesel fuel contains more energy per unit that gives better efficiency of the engine. It has been found that if you use a common rail diesel system, you can improve the performance of the diesel engine. Common Rail Diesel system increases the delivery pressure. Use of this system will help in reducing the components used in the diesel engine. If you use advanced ceramics, traps and urea screens in an innovative manner, you can trigger more effective burning in the diesel engine.

If you maintain your diesel engine truck properly, you can run it for 250,000 miles without any problem. The driving performance of a truck fitted with a diesel engine is another good consideration. Zipping off from a stop sign will be quick with a diesel engine.

Another advantage is that a diesel truck can handle a heavy load better. Even the noise aspect is taken care of in modern diesel engines.

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