Truck rental and storage companies: Answers to frequently asked questions

Whether you want to move one large item or an entire household full of items, relocating them to a new home or simply into storage, you’re going to have a lot of questions. Moving can be tedious, frustrating, and at times back breaking work. It can also be expensive and stressful. If you don’t want to contract an expensive moving company to handle your move and choose instead to do it all yourself, there are resources available to help.

How do I choose a truck rental company?
For a one way move you’re usually better off choosing the largest truck you can afford to assure all of your home furnishings and personal belongings will fit into the truck in a single load and can be transported in a single trip. Most national moving truck rental firms have large vehicles around 24-26 feet long which are capable of carrying the contents of an entire home and can even tow your car behind them.

Cargo vans and pickup trucks – If you don’t have a lot of stuff to move or want to sell everything and start all over again, these smaller vehicles are a good option and are also perfect for moving appliances, transporting landscaping materials, or hauling construction items like lumber and sheetrock when doing home improvement projects.

* 10-12 foot trucks – These small trucks get good fuel economy and can house enough stuff to fill a studio or small apartment.

* 14-16 foot trucks – Good for a 1-2 bedroom move.

* 17-20 foot trucks – Good for a 2-3 bedroom move.

* 20-24 foot trucks – Good for a 3-4 bedroom move.

* 26 foot + trucks – Good for a 4+ bedroom move.

Trailers – There are several sizes of trailers which can be used for small local moving jobs or on long trips with only small loads. Specialized trailers are also available for moving entire vehicles and open trailers with ramps and sides can handle ATV’s, furniture, boxes or heavy items like big appliances.

Where can I store my stuff?
If you’re trying to sell your house and buy another one, or if you’re changing from a larger to a smaller home, the use of a self storage facility can help make the transition a smooth one. Some truck rental companies have agreements with storage firms or even provide both services for clients, making it easy to coordinate loading and unloading.

What are the benefits of self storage?
*  Security for all of your belongings, often with features such as gated entry, individual entry codes, flood lighting and video surveillance

*  On site resident managers at some facilities

*  Protection from the elements in a clean, well maintained, dry storage unit

*  Pest and vermin control

*  Availability of climate controlled units

*  Affordable unit rent with easy terms and conditions

*  Flexibility of storage unit sizes and functions

*  24 hour a day access, 7 days per week

*  Peace of mind that comes from having someone else care for your items

How can using self storage help me when I’m trying to sell my home?
Real estate agents will tell you that the best thing to do in order to help them sell your home is reduce clutter. Prospective home buyers are more likely to place offers on homes that look clean, organized, neat, and tidy.

That’s where a self storage facility can help. By taking all of the excess items out of your home before starting the sales process, this unsightly clutter will be out of the way of potential home buyers who tour your home and increase your chances of selling your home quickly.

What kinds of items can I store in self storage?
*  Clothing

*  Furniture

*  Antiques

*  Collectibles

*  Vehicles such as cars, boats, RVs

*  Photographs, films, or videos

*  Appliances

*  Bulky machinery

*  Important documents

*  Valuables

*  Wine collections

What types of items will moving companies or truck rental companies allow me to transport?
Moving companies and truck rental companies each carry their own lists of restrictions on which types of items they will or won’t allow, so do careful research and ask a lot of questions when developing your relocation plan. Generally explosive items, ammunition, or weapons are not allowed.

What is the best way to find and choose a truck rental or self storage company?
To find the right truck rental company for you, consult the yellow pages or the Internet. It’s best to stick with nationally known companies to assure that they have the right truck for your needs or can get you the right one from another branch in time for your moving date.

For help with finding an appropriate storage company, use an Internet self storage search engine like Storage Concierge at They are a free service and you can search for one near you by city, state, or zip code.

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