Truck Bed Mat — 5 Ways Better

Choose a truck bed mat to protect your pickup and you may get the best protection in several ways. Now this may not be the most glamorous bed liner and certainly is not the most expensive, but it can be the best. Here are 5 ways the lowly bed mats excel.

More Cushion

Speaking particularly of rubber bed mats, no liner material cushions better. That’s especially important when impact damage may be part of hauling chores. Think of something as routine as loading firewood. You can easily dent a pickup bed with firewood and that can cost you far more than you would ever save with firewood burning. But thick rubber mats almost eliminate the danger of dents to a truck bed.

Less Expensive

Let’s face it, many bed liners are so expensive you need protection for the protection. Who wants to damage a liner that costs hundreds of dollars? In contrast, tough rubber mats may be had for next to nothing, literally. For less than 10 percent of the cost of a professional spray on bed liner, you can grab a thick mat that takes most any kind of abuse. It’s a real deal.

Easily Removed

Installation consists of just rolling the liner out into the bed. If you want custom fit, which you likely can get, it is just that simple. Leave it in or take it out, in either case, installation just takes seconds. And if the thing is ever damaged, no worries, since you slip out the old and in the new. Permanent has a place, but so does easy in and out.

Custom Fit

If you can get a perfect custom fit for a 1976 Chevy delivered overnight, it is highly likely that your truck mat is sitting on the shelf too. If not, say you drive a Plymouth pickup, likely you can get a mat and trim to fit in just a few minutes. Make your own custom fit mat that’s one of a kind.


Besides handling all kinds of impact abuse and shrugging off scratches as well as chemical attacks, there’s another big issue. Whatever goes in rubber lined beds stays put. It’s much like a carpet mat in that regard. Loads stay put. If you had a plastic liner, for example, cargo is easier to slide around. Add a rubber mat and the load stays put and so does the mat. See, the mat is non-skid to the underlying bed surface no matter what it is.

Truck bed mat options let you improve the usefulness of a truck for very little expense. In fact, truck bed mats cost so little they are the perfect sacrifice covering to protect more expensive liners as well.




Al Bullington writes about his pickup truck projects. Check out his newest website about the underrated truck bed mats.

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