Truck Bed Liners — For Nasty Hauling

Truck bed liners protect your truck and cargo too.  Some are more for looks than others.  Dump in really nasty loads and some liners are ruined or leave your bed a mess.  Here are options for the rough stuff.

Think bed liners and spary on liners come to mind.  These linings stand lots of use.  Then there’s that guarantee too.  Think about it though.  Spray liners are coated with paint.  It’s tough paint, but it’s till paint.  Don’t think it can’t be damaged.  It can and will.  It’s just that it’s repairable.  Spray liners may not be best for the rough stuff.

Bed mats are another matter.  The lowly rubber bed mats can take lots of abuse.  For one, these mats absorb impact better than most anything.  The thick rubber soaks up hits rather than letting the bed take the dents.

Any scratching and scraping goes to the mat and not the bed.  Then there are chemical problems.  Like what?  Like engine grease and oil or even gasoline or fuel.  Common problems you see, but not something you would want on a carpet liner for example.

Bed mats come cheap too.  Cheap enough that you could use such mats as sacrifice coatings to protect more expensive liners.  That’s a top use for mats.  That way you get looks and the mat to pop in if the anticipated job likely damages the more expensive permanent liner.

Another tough choice comes in plastic.  Plastic liners do much like rubber mats.  That means shock absorption, scratch tolerance and chemical resistance too.  Plus the right plastic mats protect fronts and sides of beds as well.  Something simple bed mats can’t do.

Truck bed liners aren’t just about rough work.  They’re about looks as well.  But if it’s the tough stuff for your truck, some liners excel and some fail.


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