Tough Guys Love Chevy Trucks

?Tough Guys Love Chevy Trucks

Chevy brandished its trucks under the marketing tag ‘A Legacy Built on Dependability’. For the 2008 model year, three distinctly outstanding models were introduced in the market. Silverado, Avalanche and Colorado are simply the best in their own class.

Tough guys want their trucks to be durable enough to stand the country dirt roads. Silverado’s rock-solid body is a favorite choice. Owners bragged that this truck model can outlive them and would even fit as their son’s inheritance. Power and driving comfort adds up to the excellent features of this Chevy truck. Silverado’s extremely powerful 6.6L V8 Turbo diesel engine matched with a six-speed automatic transmission can hurdle long dirt road and highway trips with ease. Its versatile passenger cab with a rear door capable of opening at 170-degrees takes care of easy cargo handling.

For guys who love sporty vehicles but still prefers the power and carrying capacity of a truck, the Avalanche is their preferred model. It is endowed with an innovative midgate system that allows the extension of the pick-up bed in the back seat area. When the midgate is folded down, it converts the pick-up’s rear bed as a comfortable sleeping quarter. This is why the Avalanche is an outdoor-lover’s favorite. Two sleeping bags nicely fit in this ‘convertible’ truck, so mountaineers do not need to pitch a base camp tent when the Avalanche joins the trek.

Economy conscious fellows would love a truck who can offer the same hardworking performance. The Colorado is Chevy’s mid-sized truck powered by a smaller 3.5L I5 engine. As a model co-developed with the Japanese manufacturer Isuzu, this pick-up truck has all the much sought after features such as durability, flexibility, comfort and power all rolled into one.

Mindful that trucks usually haul cargo in long trips, entertainment and information connectivity are two important considerations. All 2008 model Chevy trucks are equipped with CD and MP3 capable entertainment package and state-of-the-art Radio Data System compatible radio. The Avalanche went beyond this by integrating a Navigation Radio.

General Motor’s patented Active Fuel Management technology is also common to all new models of Chevy trucks. This revolutionary technology installed the engine’s capability to shift between eight cylinder full power and fuel-saving four cylinder mode. This process is fully automated and electronically controlled.

Some models are adapted to E85 ethanol-blended fuel as an expression of Chevy’s commitment to alternative energy utilization and development. Ethanol burns more efficiently that fossil-fuel based gasoline and thus, minimizing carbon gas emission in the atmosphere. True to its commitment to the American Revolution, Chevy is contributing in the global initiative to reverse the trend of climate change.

You have all the reasons to be a proud owner of a Chevy truck. Dress up your key with a Chevy Truck Keychain. Remember, that little rod gives you access to all the wonderful goodness stored in your Chevy. Your key is the lucky charm capable of activating all the powers of the greatest truck in the planet.

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