Tips to Earn Money in the Winter

This time of year can be difficult if you have lost your job or had your hours cut. But earning extra cash for Christmas presents isn’t lost yet. During the snowfalls people have to break out the snow plows and snow shovels to clear driveways, sidewalks and the like. So why not offer to do this physical task for some cash?

One winter I had $10 to my name after losing my job, so I bought a cheap shovel and went door to door offering to shovel sidewalks and driveways. Needless to say the first night I worked 4 hours and earned $40 bucks. It’s not a lot of money but it was cash in hand. In fact I had an idea to make even more money. I used that cash and bought a better shovel, gloves, hand warmers and chopping tool for ice. The next night (because some people wait a day or never shovel) I went out and made $60 in 4 hours. I was excited! I was even more excited the next snowfall. I went back to the houses I did before and wouldn’t you know it I got more work and earned $80 that night.

Now realize I was looking for houses that had not shoveled yet. So I would hit 8-10 houses before someone would hire me. So by going back to previous houses I saved time and earned more. I even gave them my phone number to call if they wanted me back. That was a good winter. I had 13 people who called me every snowfall and even got referrals.

As you can see I had that start of a nice business or I could just keep doing what I was doing. So when money is short and you have time on your hands use a little creativity. It could turn out to be a great winter after all.

If you have a truck or atv and want to earn cash in the winter, get a used snow plows attached to it. But make sure you are buying a proper plow or you’ll be wasting time and money. Check out my site at .

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