Tips on Car Shipping Service

Before vehicle transport carriers are allowed to go anyplace with your vehicle, they are required by the DOT to do a every day “Pre-Trip Inspection” of the equipment. We strongly recommend that you also do a Inspection of your car. In preparing for any transport, it is key to check items such as tire pressure, oil & water levels, other fluid levels, etc.

This inspection can help in avoiding troubles down the road, not to point out that it is a good idea to be familiar with your car. Loose moldings and the like have a propensity to take the air off in shipping, thus causing likely break to your vehicle or to others on the same load. Leaking fluids could also be a harm to the wellbeing of your car and/or the car below it. Please do you have any and all repairs done before transport.

Vehicles that become untreatable in transport are subject to an inoperable charge up to $100.00. It is also adviced that you have no more than 1/4 tank of gas in your motor vehicle at time of transport for weight reasons.

The Bill of Lading

On the topic of your bill of lading. The Uniform straight Bill of Lading is a document which allows us to carry your car from state to state. This form will be used at the moment in time of pickup and delivery and it will be the governing documentation modifiable the transport of your car.

PLEASE READ IT CAREFULLY. At the time we pick up your vehicle, we will make a thorough physical inspection of the outdoor of your car. Any and all visible markings noted will be documented on the Bill of Lading. You have to review any  markings noted on the bill of lading to releasing your car to the driver.

If you have any questions regarding your inspection should be directed to the driver. In addition, ANY CLAIM FOR AUTO TRANSPORT DAMAGE MUST BE NOTED AT THE TIME OF DELIVERY on the truck. Less vehicles to transport equal faster delivery time for every car.

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